Bible Reading - December  2020

January  1  Genesis   1 - 2

January  2  Genesis  3 - 5

January  3  Genesis  6 - 9                    

January  4  Genesis  10 - 11 

January  5  Genesis  12 - 15  

January  6  Genesis  16 - 19

January  7  Genesis  20 - 22                   

January  8  Genesis  23 - 26

January  9  Genesis  27 - 29              

January  10 Genesis 30 - 32


January  11  Genesis  33 - 36             

January  12 Genesis  37 - 39  

January  13  Genesis 40 - 42 

January  14  Genesis  43 - 46 

January  15  Genesis  47 - 50                

January  16  Exodus   1 - 4

January  17  Exodus   5 - 7                     

January  18  Exodus  8 - 10

January  19  Exodus  11 - 13                

January  20  Exodus  14 - 17


January  21  Exodus  18 - 20               

January  22  Exodus  21 - 24

January  23   Exodus  25 - 27             

January  24   Exodus  28 - 31  

January  25  Exodus  32 - 34                

January  26  Exodus  35 - 37

January  27  Exodus   38 - 40                  

January  28  Leviticus   1 - 4

January  29  Leviticus   5 - 7

January  30  Leviticus   8 - 10

January  31  Leviticus   11 -13                                              

                                                                                        Pastor's Pen

Praise and thanksgiving are ways of showing appreciation for someone’s kindness to us. 

 The Power of thanksgiving.

1- Brings multiplication – Mark 8:1. – 9

Jesus had been preaching for three days and the listeners more than 4,000 people had gathered to hear Him. It was a great retreat in which people were more concerned about their spiritual meat than the physical. 


Jesus didn’t ignore the physical need of His listeners [Jesus is concerned about your physical needs]. He knew their empty stomach could affect the impartation they just received and faint while they go home. All Jesus could get was seven loaves of bread and a few fishes which was nothing to meet the situation.


Jesus did not despise the little had and complain or blame his disciples for not making enough provisions to meet the crowd. He thanked God for what he had.

As you begin to appreciate God for what He has done for you, you begin to enter the realm of multiplication. When you thank Him, he sends the breath of life into the little and multiplication begins. 

2-  Thanksgiving can restore life – John 11: 1 – 44

Jesus was faced with a situation that looked impossible here at the death of Lazarus. People wanted to see and know how powerful He was. 


Look at how He approached this seemingly impossible situation: 

      “And Jesus lifted up His eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.” He has not even prayed yet He was thanking God for what He has not done. Then, He went further: 

And I knew that thou headrest me always” [v42]. Jesus didn’t even consider the possibility that the Father might not hear Him.


If you want to see restoration of things that are dead in your life, begin to give God your anticipatory thanksgiving. This is a great display of faith in the power of God to answer you. You are actually committing God to what you wanted Him to do. 


3- Thanksgiving leads to victory – 2 Chronicles 20:1 – 30

Here King Jehoshaphat and the people of Judah were faced with a great battle from three different enemies: Ammon, Moab, and Syria. Three mighty nations against  Judah which was just two out of twelve tribes of Israel. The war was practically impossible to win for tiny Judah.


There are times you don’t ignore the facts. Whenever you consider the fact,  also remember that you have a divine backing that factors the fact into His process to give you the miracle that eliminates the fact.


V3 & 4, Jehoshaphat feared. There are situations that will make you afraid. It’s not sinful to be afraid. It is how you handle the situation. 


When God told Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:8: “be not afraid of their faces”. It means that there are situation that will make him afraid. If you are going to excel in life you will have to face some fearful things and trust the presence of God in the midst of fear.

Whenever you face a warfare in life and you are afraid, don’t just panic. “Set yourself to seek the Lord” like Jehoshaphat. You may even have to fast and ask God for help against your adversaries. 


As you seek His face, he will speak. Once He speaks, your praise and thanksgiving moment has started. 


V20 – 21, I think they should get their weapons of warfare against the enemies. No! The moment God said the battle was His, they took Him at His words and began to thank Him, praise Him and worship Him for the victory they’ve not gotten. 


V22, God went to war! The moment He speaks, your adversaries are in trouble of annihilation. 


Give Him the battle and thank Him in advance for the victory. Whenever you make this your practice every time you face daunting situations, you enter the realm of victory.

.. "acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness" (Titus 1:1).

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