Bible Walkthrough - December  2022

December 1  Galatians  1 - 3

December 2  Galatians  4 - 6

December 3  Ephesians  1 - 3                    

December 4  Ephesians  4 - 6

December 5  Philippians  1 - 4 

December 6  Colossians  1 - 4

December 7  1 Thessalonians  1 - 5              

December 8  2 Thessalonians  1 - 3

December 9  1 Timothy  1 - 3              

December 10  1 Timothy 4 - 6


December 11  2 Timothy  1 - 4            

December 12  Titus - Philemon  

December 13  Hebrews  1 - 4 

December 14  Hebrews   5 -  7

December 15  Hebrews  8 - 10               

December 16  Hebrews  11 - 13

December 17  James  1 - 2                 

December 18  James  3 - 5

December 19  1 Peter  1 - 4                

December 20  1 Peter  5 - 7


December 21   2 Peter  1 - 3   

December  22  1 John  1 - 2          

December  23   1 John   3 - 5         

December 24   2 John; 3 John; Jude  

December 25  Revelation  1 - 3              

December 26  Revelation  4 - 5

December 27  Revelation  6 - 9                  

December 28  Revelation  10 - 13

December  29  Revelation  14 - 16

December  30  Revelation  17 - 18

December  31   Revelation  19 - 22   

                                                    Pastor's Pen                                                                                                   

The purpose of God’s works:

1. Perform something good - Philippians 1:6

Sometime we may run into situations that are contrary that seemed that God is far away. whereas, He is the One working in us to perfect us. 


Joseph would not believe that what started as hatred from His brothers was God working to perform something good in his life.


2. God works in us for His will and good pleasure - Philippians 2:13

One basic reasons of our conversion is to be the sons of God who will manifest His image on the earth.


Romans 8:19 says the world is eagerly waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God (virtue, power, likeness).


We must remember that we are created for His pleasure - Revelation 4:11. This cannot happen without God working in us.


If you are going to fulfill your purpose in life it must be in the will of God. when you are surrendered to Him, He will work in work in you through the presence of the Spirit and His word.


Remember Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, His flesh didn’t want the suffering (nobody in his/her right mind would want suffering) but Jesus yielded to the will of the Father.


As a matter of fact, suffering is part of what brings the glory.


3. Works according to the counsel of His will - Ephesians 1:11; Jeremiah 29:11

There are two things the scriptures is saying here:predestination and the power to bring it to pass.


I am not talking about the problems you caused for yourself through disobedience, arrogance or pride (even though God is able to rescue you from them) but if you’ve walked with the Lord and things are not working right, I want to tell you that God is working in you according to His predestination.


Jeremiah gave us some prophetic clarity when he said that God had a thought before you were created. Before I was created. May i tell you clearly and I want you to listen to me: No power can stop the preordained plans of God for your life.


I decree and declare that the same spirit that worked in Joseph that made him to keep himself pure in the midst of seduction will rest upon us in Jesus name.


Another working of God in Joseph was purity of heart to his brothers. The Bible’s says in 

Genesis 37:4: “they hated him, and could not speak peaceably to him”

Genesis 37:5: “and they hated him yet the more”

Genesis 37:8: “And they hated him yet the more for his dreams, and for his word”

Genesis 37:11: “And his brethren envied him”


Joseph lived in this hostile environment in his father’s house but there was not a shred of bitterness in him.


The Holy Spirit is asking me to tell you that those hatreds and envies, and oppositions are pre planned by God for our destiny so that we might be the person He wanted us to be according to the counsel of His will.


I know that you might have been treated badly by those you trusted, envied, lied against, “imprisoned” for being righteous but the light is going to shine on your path. 


Don’t allow bitterness in your heart. The attackers might be your school to greatness.


Don’t allow bitterness in your heart. What makes the school to greatness tough is because it’s always from people close to us. Those we rely on. Those we trusted. Check the scriptures and life experiences and you will find this so.


As a matter of fact, Jesus says plainly: “And a man’s foes (not just enemy) shall be they of his own household” (Matthew 10:36).


The Message Bible says: “Well meaning family members can be your worst enemies”


The current envy, oppositions, frustration are your school to greatness. All that we need when going through these phase of life is the wisdom of God (James 1:5).


Prayer:Jesus, you are the wisdom of God, give me the wisdom to operate among the wicked around my my life.

3. God’s works are good - Genesis 1:31

Look at all that God created in six day he looked at the works of His and they were good.  Why? Because in God is goodness. And, His cannot but be good.


Even though God created the good and evil, He never does any evil. Evil is from the devil while good is from God.


As a matter of fact, all good and perfect gift come from Him - James 1:17


I decree and declare that God will work good works in your (our) life in Jesus name.

.. "acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness"                                                       (Titus 1:1)

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