Bible Walkthrough - February  2023

March 1  Joshua  7 - 9

March 2  Joshua  10 - 12

March 3  Joshua  13 - 15                    

March 4  Joshua  16 - 18

March 5  Joshua  19 - 21 

March 6  Joshua  22 - 24

March 7  Judges  1 - 4              

March 8  Judges  5 - 8

March 9  Judges  9 - 12             

March 10  Judges  13 - 15


March 11  Judges  16 - 18            

March 12  Judges  19 - 21  

March 13  Ruth  1 - 4

March 14  1 Samuel   1 -  3

March 15  1 Samuel  4 - 7               

March 16  1 Samuel  8 - 10

March 17  1 Samuel  11 - 13                 

March 18  1 Samuel  14 - 16

March 19  1 Samuel  17 - 20                

March 20  1 Samuel  21 - 24


March 21   1 Samuel  25 - 28   

March  22  1 Samuel  29 - 31         

March  23   2 Samuel   1 - 4         

March 24   2 Samuel   5 - 8 

March 25  2 Samuel  9 - 12             

March 26  2 Samuel  13 - 15

March 27  2 Samuel  16 - 18                  

March 28  2 Samuel  19 - 21

March 29  2 Samuel  22 - 24

March 01  1 Kings  1 - 4

March 02  2 Kings  5 - 7  

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The Makeovers:

  1. Ashes into beauty (“to unto them beauty for ashes” v3a)

This makeover is targeting the areas of life in which the enemy has practically burned down. 


When something becomes ashes, it means that it was first dried up and gutted by fire. Or the intensity of the fire was so much that it consumed everything that was till living.


Ashes give the sight of hopelessness. The only solution is to rebuild. 


I don’t know who God is talking to. Someone whose life has been reduced to ashes. No life. No hope of resuscitation. But I have the God who specializes in bringing something out of nothing.


Roman 4:17, “God who brings the dead back to life and who creates new things out of nothing.” (NLT)

KJV says: “calls those thing that be not and though they were”


At the house of Jairus’ father, Jesus said that Jairus’ daughter was alive when in fact she was dead. Jesus called death life. Jesus said that Lazarus was asleep when in fact he was dead for four days.


You know people mocked him thinking He was out of His mind. They did not know nor understand the spirit of faith (speaks what you believe)


It doesn’t matter if the it’s burned out of life. God is going to give life back today. There is going to be a divine makeover. From ashes into beauty.

God is going to beautify your life again in the name of Jesus.


  1. Mourning into Joy (“the oil of joy for mourning” v3b)

Mourning might come from one reason:loss(es) of prized possession.


God is saying “I am going to give you reasons for everlasting joy. 


Oil is a representation of the Holy Spirit. Oil radiates and spreads, it does not vanish like petroleum or kerosine. It does not evaporates like water. It remains permanent.


If your dress is stained by oil, it leaves a mark for a very long time.


God is saying “I am giving you the oil of joy instead of mourning. Whatever will cause mourning will face a permanent spirit of joy. Joy is not dictated by circumstances. It lives in the soul of man.


The oil of joy sees beyond current circumstances. It renders the effect of the storm insignificant. That’s why people might not understand true Christians (those who rejoice in the midst of problems).


  1. Heaviness into Praise (“the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” v3c)

This makeover is very interesting.


Garment of praise in place of the spirit of heaviness.


The garment you wear is a product of the spirit in you.


From this scripture we now know that depression is a spirit. It is called the spirit of heaviness.


Depression comes from frustration about life. When things are not going on well and all efforts produced no tangible results but deeper troubles, the afflicted are depressed. 


Depressed people are always concerned about their past.


Elijah was afraid about the threats from Jezebel so much so that he asked for early retirement from ministry.


A depressed person always wants to be indoors, losses all sense of personal hygiene, and afraid of taking the next step.


God is saying that with what He will do in your life the spirit of depression will give way to newness of life.


The garment of praise signifies a change in the spirit occasioned by what God has done which will make you change your garment, come before the people of Gods for a praise and thanksgiving slot.

  1. Change of Name (“called trees of righteousness planted by God – v3d)

The makeover can not be very effective if the former name is retained. The reinvention needs to show the new order – the order of righteousness.


The former order was of idolatry and wicked works. To show the origin of the new image, the source shows the foundation which is God.


The new name which will be after the maker (the righteous God) will display the nature of God. The amplified Bible says: “So they will be called trees of righteousness [strong and magnificent, distinguished for integrity, justice, and right standing with God]

What is the purpose of this makeover 

God does not do things without a purpose. And, the purpose of God is central to who He uses and level of His work in the person’s life.

  1. To display the Glory of God - v4a

We must come to terms to the fact that whatever God does in a life is primarily for His glory.


Anytime anyone tries to share God’s glory, the person loses access to the flow of God’s blessings; therefore, never think within your mind that it was you. Always give the glory to Jehovah Tsikenu.

  1. Rebuild the wasted cities- v4b

Another purpose for this makeover is that God is making those that will rebuild what sin and satan has destroyed.


Don’t forget that the new name is “Oak of Righteousness”. When righteousness reigns, prosperity follows. Rebuilding takes prosperity.


Many misses their blessings because they think that what God gave to them is just for personal use. No. It’s to rebuild the cities of God. What has been wasted by the enemy.

  1. Restore generational destructions – v4c

There are generations that have not witnessed the blessing of the Lord because nobody has been empowered to rebuild what the enemy destroyed.


For four generations, Israel was under the bondage of Egypt. It took the encounter of God with Moses to break the generational bondage.

There is going to be an anointing on someone today that will break generational bondage and bring about restoration upon their family, church, and communities.                                                                                                                                                  


.. "acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness"                                                       (Titus 1:1)

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