On behalf of every member and partner of this commission, I want to welcome you to our website. We strongly believe that your visit will be rewarding.


Jesus' work on the cross of Calvary guarantees every believer an inalienable right to victory over challenges, deliverance from every bondage, prosperity in place of lack and poverty, health and healing in place of sickness and disease. The knowledge of Christ Jesus is like a discovered well of treasure.


Our prayer here at The Household of Faith International Church, is that the grace that make believers to walk pleasing unto the Lord will be multiplied upon you.


The word of the Lord over this commission for this year - 2022, is that the year will be our year to Praise and Thankgiving. Every member, attendee, and partner of this commission has an inalienable right to this great promise. As you join with us this year you will receive your portion in Jesus name.


Thank you for visiting with us and may the good Lord bless you richly!


Apostle Victor Bode Adeyefa

Senior Pastor


Delay Removed & Fruitfulness Restored

The Lord used Pastor Adeyefa to wipe my tears away.


Sometimes in 2018, I and my aunty came to see you regarding my settling down. You prayed for me and told me that I will settle down at the age of 31. You described my husband and told me to keep serving God than I use before.


I was angry in my spirit but I did not show it. I went back home and wept deeply.


2019 September I came back to see you with so much joy that I have found a man to settle down with, but I need your prayer concerning my health issues (Hormonal imbalance). You rejoiced with me but told me not to go ahead with the relationship, that the right man is comming sooner than I think. I was asked to get a bottle of water, which I did and Pastor Adeyefa prayed on it. I went back all sad, scared, and confused.


To the glory of God, I and my husband started talking March 2020, we got married March 2021 (at 31) and we are blessed with a baby boy (Oluwadarasimi, Nathan, Olanrewaju, Olaniyan)


Thank you for allowing God to use you for us sir. The oil on your head will not dry.


Thank you sir.


Omobola, Nigeria




Thyroid Healed

I have been having swellings around my neck due to enlarged thyroid. One of my thyroid was removed and when the other became too large, the doctor recommended that the other should be removed as well.


I got Pastor's contact from my sister. He prayed with me after which I went for an ultrasound which revealed that everything was normal. 


The growth was nowhere to be found.

Praise the Living God!



Lara, Houston, Tx, USA

Cancer Cured

I started having severe pains under my left armpit and around my left breast. I went to see a doctor and was asked to do a mammogram. 

The result of the mammogram showed some abnormal growth which the doctor suspected that it was cance of the breast. I was terrified. 


I was asked to come back to the hospital immediately for further evaluatuons. I was scared to death.

I remembered that I had a similar thing in the past but after Pastor Victor prayed for me, the pain disappeared and the abnormal mammogram was turned to normal. mammogram.


I quickly called Pastor Victor. Pastor Victor prayed for me and told me that affliction shall not arise the second time. He told me not to fear but to put in trust in the Lord. He also told me that whatever is causing the pain will disappear in Jesus name.


I spoke to him again before I went into the exam room. He prayed and told me that I will come out of the exam room rejoicing that the Lord has done it.

To the glory og the Almighty God, I went into the exams and the doctord and technicians did all they could  but did not see anything. the abnornal mammogram turned out to be a normal mammogram.


May the name of the Lord be glorified. I really thank God for His anointing on Pastor Vicror. I pray that the Almighty God will continue to bless Pastor Victor and his family in the name of Jesus. Amen


Oby, Texas, USA


                                                                                                                                                                        Pastor's Pen


Year Of Praise and Thanksgiving

As I waited on the Lord for the year, I heard the Lord saying that despite all that will happen in the world in 2022, He has decided to make our situations better than the rest of the world.


As long as the world will remain, there will be cataclysmic happenings that will challenge the wisdom and knowledge of humanity. 2022 is coming with its challenges which those who know their God will turn into opportunities.


The race in 2022 will not be for the swift, neither the battle for the strong, nor yet bread for the wise but God making things happen for those who will pay attention to the voice of His Spirit.



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.. "acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness" (Titus 1:1).

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